La Virgen de la Macana. Emblema de una coyuntura franciscana
Portada Anales Número 72

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Arte colonial

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Katzew, Ilona. 1998. «La Virgen De La Macana. Emblema De Una Coyuntura Franciscana». Anales Del Instituto De Investigaciones Estéticas 20 (72):pp. 39-72.


The cult to the Vírgín of the Macana was not limited to New Mexico. It was consolidated and survived in the center of New Spain because the ímage and the story that explains it became parts of the symbolic and polítical repertory of the Franciscans during their conflict with the secular clergy which dominated the institutional life of the viceregal church during the eighteenth century. The study of the images of the Virgin provide understanding of some of the arguments used by the Franciscans during this struggle.


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